PAL SOUND-Roma Influence-Support the co-creation, circulation and promotion of minorities music in Europe (2022-1-CZ01-KA220-VET-000086202)“ is aiming to promote social inclusion, development, educate them, and the creation of a network that will support Roma musicians with the immediate goal of acquainting them with new music technologies, cocreating music and promoting their music to the public, making it well known and claiming a place in the music industry.
Moreover, the project aims to create a vocational educational curriculum for Romani and non-Romani musicians and get promote the Romani culture and its positive narration. PAL SOUND is deal with the topic of social inclusion and co-creation and cooperation between Romani and non-Romani musicians, aiming to support them and making them familiar with the new digital tools to compose by distance, to cooperate with new people and professionals from music industry, to co-create new songs and music and promote those pieces of art through the national and international concerts and festivals that willbe organized under the project.
The project aims to create innovative training materials for the education of Romani musicians, aiming to promote their music and to highlight their positive narrative of the culture, empower them to be entered dynamically in music industry.

Project Duration:


Czech Republic, Praha
Leader: Non-Governamentall Organization/Association

RomanoNet is an umbrella organization which is based on memebership of NGO’s and individual experts with an expertise in various areas of Roma inclusion. As network the organization is consisted by 12 member organizations.

Romano Veseli
Novo Mesto, Slovenia
Partner type Non-Governamentall Organization/Association

Romsko društvo Romano veseli is a NGO that has been actively engaged in improving the status of the Roma in Slovenia. Its aim is to empower members of the Roma community especially and Roma women by leaving their specifics and cultural difference.

JÁIT-International Theatre
Portugal, Lisbon
Partner type: artists and theatre

JÁ International Theatre is a non-profit cultural association. Já is dedicated to the development of cultural, recreational and environmental protection activities, artistic activities including theatre, music, dance, literary production, the preservation of cultural heritage, activities for cultural tourists, and the promotion and use of theatrical

Brussels, Belgium
Coordinator type: Non-Governamentall Organization/Association

PAL NETWORK is a European Network for fighting discrimination and integration in education and employment of vulnerable groups (Roma people, Gypsies, Travelers and Minorities) that provides initiatives for strengthen awareness raising and training priorities and policies based on the best available evidence and to guide the cost-effective use of tools, interventions and systems to ensure and monitor progress towards national and European goals.

Stockholm, Sweden
Partner type: Non-Governamentall Organization/Association-

Sensus is an NGO for youth, adult and vet education. It is a meeting place for education and culture, book circles, arts and crafts, concerts and lectures – About 20 000 thousand people participate in the activities of Sensus every year. Sensus offers possibilities to development and learning for all, to meet people and to experience culture.